There are mainly 4 groups of files used in openwebmail. 1. cgi-bin/openwebmail/ cgi scripts/configurations/languages/templates 2. data/openwebmail/ background/icons/image/sounds 3. ~user/mail/ user folder files/indexes 4. /etc/mail/virtusertable virtual user mapping table data/openwebmail/ mapping to url http://your_site/openwebmail/ ------------------------------ doc/ text document for openwebmail help/ openwebmail tutorial of various languages images/ runtime image/background/icons javascript/ runtime javascripts sounds/ various YouHaveMail sound files applet/ directory for runtime javaapplet openwebmail.html redirect.html index.html -> openwebmail.html javascript/htmlarea HTMLArea editor 3.0 javascript/htmlarea.openwebmail HTMLArea editor 3.0 customized for oepnwebmail javascript/htmlarea.openwebmail/popups lang and html file of popup windows in htmlarea editor for different languages cgi-bin/openwebmail/ mapping to url http://your_site/cgi-bin/openwebmail ------------------------------ etc/ configuraation, template, language, holidays, maps, temporary files auth/ place for modules routines/variables in these files belong to ow::auth_xxx:: quota/ place for modules routines/variables in these files belong to ow::quota_xxx:: modules/ place for module files routines/variables in these files belong to packages other than main:: shares/ place for shared routines files routines/variables in these files belong to main:: misc/ mkrelease uty, test script, patches, tools for adm CGI programs of openwebmail command tool of openwebmail preload uty for both CGI and command line user status utility for static html pages vacation utility for auto reply /usr/local/www/cgi-bin/etc/ ------------------------------ openwebmail.conf customized configuration file help for default configuration file smtpauth.conf file to store username/passwd for SMTP auth auth_xxx.conf customized config file for defaults/ default conf files for openwebmail and other modules styles/ various CSS files lang/ translation files for various languages templates/ template files for various languages holidays/ holidays calendar for various languages maps/ b2g, g2b, lunar maps and db of maps sites.conf/ configuration file for different virtual domain users.conf/ configuration file for different user users/ user directories (used only if use_syshomedir disabled) sessions/ directory to store temporary session files global address book global calendar book global filter book for each USER ------------------------------ ~USER/.openwebmail/ store openwebmail internal files openwebmailrc openwebmail user preference the release date of openwebmail which user used history.log openwebmail user log file ~USER/.openwebmail/db/ location for mail folder index db and messageid cache file (for each foldername...) foldername.db the index db of the folder file foldername.cache messageid cache ~USER/.openwebmail/webmail/ location for webmail internal file signature signature file if ~USER/.signature doesn't exist from address book address book stationery book personal filter rule book db to store filtering count/date of filter rules filter.check file that marked the last INBOX filting dat trash.check file that marked the last trash-cleaning date search.cache cache file to store last search result ~USER/.openwebmail/webcal/ location for webmail internal file calendar book notify.check file that marked the last calendar email notification check date ~USER/.openwebmail/webdisk/ location for webdisk internal file webdisk.cache cache file to store last webdisk search result ~USER/.openwebmail/pop3/ location for pop3 book and uidl database pop3 book for pop3 auth server pop3 book pop3.check file that marked the last pop3 retrieval date ~USER/.forward mail forwarding file ~USER/.vacation.msg text for auto reply ~USER/.vacation.db db for autoreply history log ~USER/.signature signature file ~USER/.ispell_words personal dict for ispell ~USER/ personal dict for aspell other files accessed by openwebmail ----------------------------------- /etc/mail/virtusertable virtual user mapping file /var/mail/USER INBOX for the USER /var/log/openwebmail.log openwebmail system log file